Our readers are committed to providing you a professional reading. They have a variety of gifts including akashic record readers, animal communicators, channelers, intuitives, mediums, psychics, tarot readers, and oracle readers.

  • 30 minute readings for $60
  • 60 minute readings for $110

Check out their profile and call the center (720.573.4275) to schedule your reading with them!!! 

OUR READERS ARE SMALL BUSINESS OWNERS WORKING AT OUR CENTER. They are not paid by the center. You pay them directly. Discover Your Spiritual Gifts strives to provide you with the best service and experience possible.

Please share your experience with us by contacting us at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. If you are dissatified with your reading, we will give you a gift card for the store in the amount of the reading. 


Every Wednesday

Sarah combines her training on the ancient knowledge of numbers, planets, and the stars with the divine wisdom in the Tarot to illuminate your situation or current circumstance.

11 AM - 6:30 PM

Coming Soon!


Every Thursday

Samantha is a fifth generation reader. She uses a special deck that her family inherited in the 1800's.

11 AM - 6:30 PM

Virtual Readings available

"Samantha was a joy. She helped me to understand the reading as it gave great insight and good messages. I was drawn to the amazing set of CARDs she used. Awesome! Thank you." Lindy

"Samantha was a joy. She helped me to understand the reading as it gave great insight and good messages. I was drawn to the amazing set of CARDs she used. Awesome! Thank you." Lindy

"The reader was amazing. She sensed some cards lingered from the previous client (it was making no sense to me and she saw it wasn’t). She is gifted." Cathy

"Samantha was a joy. She helped me to understand the reading as it gave great insight and good messages. I was drawn to the amazing set of CARDs she used. Awesome! Thank you." Lindy

"Samantha’s reading resonated heavily with me. She was very thoughtful and helpful towards me through the whole reading. I would definitely get another reading from her!" Brittney

"I loved her cards and very kind demeanor." Mattie

"Samantha was amazing and delightful. I really enjoyed her unique cardsm they were a nice change from the norm and blew my mind quite a few times." Josslyn

"My niece and I both enjoyed our readings and had a fabulous experience." Shannon

"There is no need for therapist - just get a reading." Bev


Every Friday

Cynthia is a Tarot Reader, Astrologist, and Akashic Records Reader.

11 AM - 6:30 PM

Virtual Readings available

"I felt like I knew Cynthia when I first saw her while going through crystals. I didn't really have to say a thing during the reading, she was on point with where I am currently and everything else pretty much seemed to flow. She encouraged me to stay true to me and to journal and try to remember signs in dreams. She was great! I'll be back to see her in 6 months!" Kat B.

"Cynthia is wonderful! The reading I received was very helpful and provided much needed insights I hadn’t thought of before the reading." Katie

"Cynthia gave me an Akashic reading and it was amazing! It was really fun to see how she dove into my situation!" Rachel P.

"Wonderful wonderful experience!!" Cameron

"Cynthia and I really worked together on this one because I needed another perspective om what was going on with and i think the with what the cards were clearly speaking.and the two of us we really piwced it together!" Kat


Every Saturday

Trina is an intuitive reader that connects individuals to their past lives and spirit guides. She also reads your aura to bring in the most relevant information into the reading.

11 AM - 5 PM

Virtual Readings available

"This was my first reading with Trina, but not my first reading ever. I loved how she had her altar set up on the table in the space we entered. The energy was sacred and vibrant at the same time. She started the session with a beautiful prayer and wow, calmed me right down. I feel like I "got closer to myself" through the information she gave me. I loved it and will do another one with her again. :)" Carol

"Trina is amazing, wonderful human and spirit, very clear and fun. LOVED HER and the experience. I've already referred people to her and shared the wonderful experience. Thank you!" Renee

"The insight I received was well beyond what I was expecting, and reinforced what I had been feeling.. I can not wait for my next reading!" Tanja

"Trina is amazing! I cannot stop talking about my reading and recommending her to others! I will definitely be back!" Tara

"Trina will leave me a bit like a deer in the headlights wondering how she picked up on X, Y or Z. I look forward to seeing her again soon." 

"I was given piece of mind and helped to find my way through a difficult time." Mady

"Trina took time and listened to what I was looking for and her insight gave me so many choices to use to deepen my own spiritual practice. I highly recommend her service!" Marie

"Really insightful and made me think about my current situation in a more holistic way." Rita

"Trina offered every possible way to help along my spiritual transformation. I am using her recommendations as we speak. I love that she said I could stay in touch with her. It was an awesome experience." CC


1st & 5th Sundays

Michael uses IIHA Hand Analysis and various intuitive methods to give insight, support, and guidance for authentic living.

11 AM - 5 PM

Virtual Readings available

"He was very knowledgeable on the hand analysis. He seeks to teach and guide, more than just tell you what he sees. I felt like he resonated with and understood my experience." 

"Michael is very attentive and took the time to listen and understand what I was going through. His reading was very helpful. I would recommend him to others for a hand analysis and healing." Trina

"Michael was amazing and extremely helpful! I would love to see him again in the future and have recommended him to a few others. :)" Taryn

"It was an amazing experience and I've notice the impact on my life." Mariah


2nd & 4th Sundays

Jennifer offers Medium readings, Tarot readings, Astrology, and Paranormal Investigation.

11 AM - 5 PM

Virtual Readings available

"Jennifer is so understanding and lovely to work with!" Rochelle

"Jen is absolutely amazing! She gave me alot of clarification and validation through our reading. She was a pleasure to sit with and I will be back." Amy

"She is very friendly. I felt good opening up to her." 

"Jennifer was awesome. She had great energy, so I felt comfortable with her. I felt she was spot on with describing the person/situation. I had come to her & I appreciate your insight. Will definitely see her again." Jenny


3rd Sundays

Lilly uses tarot to help people connect with their own intuition for guidance in everyday life and for mental health support.

11 AM - 5 PM


Rachel is an intuitive psychic reader that uses a variety of tarot and oracle decks to guide you into making empowered decisions.

Virtual Readings available

"Rachel is such a kind-hearted reader who undeniably takes the time & effort to provide an informative reading. You can tell how dedicated she is to her work & helping others with her gift. She absolutely goes above and beyond to address any questions or concerns you may have in mind regarding your current situation. I loved how she provides a sense of trust & listens without any form of judgement." Jacky

"She's very amazing. words cannot describe how great she isㅡ I am not even exaggerating. I was rendered speechless on how good the reading was." Tris

"Rachel was like a ball of sunshine ! Legit can't even begin to describe how amazing the reading was. It was on point and accurate on all levels!" Kato

"Rachel's tarot reading resonated so much, I gave her very little information about me and my situation but she got me to a T! It was very detailed and I loved the energy surrounding her, very kind and warm." Pearl

"Well, Rachel was incredibly spot on and it was creepy in the best way. It was nice to know that someone really understood my energy and picked up on even the little things. She is amazing and I will be back for another reading!" Amanda

"Her service and reading really shines through from her passion! I really felt like she was trying to understand life from my perspective and provide value through my reading, which made it feel personal and impactful. I appreciated how she gave me concrete, tangible actions to do after my reading and left me feeling validated about the questions I asked while still helping provide a path toward answering them myself." Brandan


Leni offers Tarot and Goddess oracle readings.

Virtual Readings available

"I have received a multi-deck reading from Leni, and it was remarkable! Insightful, witty, thorough, thought-provoking, and maybe most important: useful! Leni has a way of cutting through the fluff and white noise and getting to the heart and bones of a situation; she makes you feel *seen*, without feeling invaded. She is not afraid of deep questions, and her compassion and joy come through in a reassuring and uplifting way. I urge you to invest in a reading with Leni, you won't regret it." Jade D.


Heather is a Psychic Medium, Intuitive, Energy Healer and Coach. Find clarity through divine messages, and connecting with spirit.

Virtual Readings available

“I’ve had several incredible sessions with Heather of WHR Healing and I highly recommend that everyone do the same! Heather has an innate & powerful gift to help bring things up and out that no longer serve as well as also find strengths & positive aspects that work. My personal experience also included healing of some deep-rooted childhood wounds – I felt refreshed and free. Thank you Heather and WHR Healing!  Mia V.

“I’m so grateful for the work I have done with Heather. Her angelic nature combined with her powerful healing abilities create beautiful transformations. I leave a session with Heather feeling lighter, inspired and uplifted.“  Chris P.

"She did a fantastic job interpreting what my guides were saying and I could feel her compassion!" Tracy M.

"Heather was so insightful and connected easily to who I wanted to hear from. She confirmed things I felt but never got to ask. She is an absolutely amazing reader. This is not my first session with Heather and it won’t be my last!" Renee

"Heather was very welcoming. I was going to initially do the reading for 30 minutes; however, I resonated with what she was saying. Therefore, I extended the session to one hour. I love how she had a note pad available for me to take notes. I think more readers should take that approach." Dalia


Tina is an Intuitive Reiki Certified lightworker that will help guide you to stay aligned with your purpose and keep your chakras balanced. I incorporate the use of my buffalo drum, shaker, and pendulum during energy work sessions. I utilize my tarot cards as a divine tool to help deliver psychic messages during readings.

"I had a reading with Tina a few days ago. I was blown away! I received so much validation and love! Tina did such a great job of interpreting, explaining and receiving information. I felt so at ease and comfortable. Bonus: my grandad popped in to say hello and give me a high five ❤️. Thank you Tina - I’m still smiling. Double Bonus: I made a new friend!" Becky

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