Fairy Doors

Discover Your Spiritual Gifts loves fairies! We have fairy doors placed throughout our beautiful center. Do you love fairies? Do you love fairy doors? Come out and take the challenge of locating and finding all of the fairy doors in the center. Can you tell us how many fairy doors the center has for our resident fairies? 

Here are some of their favorite things:

  • Chocolate Shavings
  • Skittles
  • Orange Soda
  • Crystal Chips
  • Shiny Things (mini bells, mini charms, mini shells, etc.)

You can leave gifts for your fairies in your garden and in your home. The fairies love it when we recycle and keep mother earth clean. 

Celtic Harmony

Fairy Name: Phoenix Star

Description: Fiery Red Hair and Green Eyes

Dress: Emerald Clad with brass buttons

Wings: Yellow Wings

Hobbies: Enjoys dancing with stardust music and chasing leprechauns

Pet: NA

Crystal: Citrine 

Black Licorice

Fairy Name: Princess Lilac

Description: Long Blonde Hair and Blue Eyes

Dress: Indigo Dress 

Wings: Shimmery Pink Wings

Hobbies: She loves chocolate and mocha coffee

Pet: Grasshopper named Lucky

Crystal: Pink Opal

Make Believe

Fairy Name: Ostara Faye

Description: Golden Brown Hair with Blue eyes

Dress: Shimmering Cream dress with gold stars

Wings: Champagne wings

Hobbies: She loves playing dress up and gathering flowers in the meadow. 

Pet: Butterfly name Flutter

Crystal: Apatite

The Taffy House

Fairy Name: Bella Rose

Description: Green hair with blonde highlights and Brown Eyes

Dress: Rose chiffon dress with ruffles and lace

Wings: Pink wings with black trim

Hobbies: Caring for the roses in the garden and baking cookies. 

Pet: Ladybug named Rosey

Crystal: Rhodonite 

The Toad House

Fairy Name: Pippin Meadow

Description: Red Braided Hair with Brown Eyes

Dress: Red and navy demin dress with brass buttons. 

Wings: Blue wings with gold trim.

Hobbies: She makes mead and is the community social butterfly.

Pet: Honey Bee named Sweetie

Crystal: Hematite

The Fairy Castle

Fairy Name: Princess Jasmine

Description: Lilac purple hair with blue eyes

Dress: Shimmery pink dress with ribbons.

Wings: Purple and silver trimmed wings

Hobbies: She loves purses and fancy shoes.

Pet: Mini Unicorn named Stardust

Crystal: Amethyst

The Pixie Post

Fairy Name: Pixie Post Master

Description: She has freckles with strawberry blonde hair and blue eyes

Dress: She has fancy pants and a fluffy white shirts. Pixie wears a pointed navy felt hat

Wing: Blue Iridescent

Hobbies: She loves calligraphy and is the community scribe. She delivers the mail at midnight with her friend, Midnight. 

Pet: Dragonfly named Midnight

Crystal: Moonstone

The Princess Pad

Fairy Name: Lily Pad

Description: Golden short ringlet hair with blue eyes, Her hair is pulled back with a yellow ribbon. 

Dress: She wears a salmon chffon dress with flower trim. Lily loves to wear satin gloves. 

Wing: Orange sherbet wings with yellow sparkles

Hobbies: She loves to collect shiny things. Lily chases the lightening bugs at night. 

Pet: Frog named "Ribbit Robert" - He is a little tree frog that wants to grow up to be bull frog. 

Crystal: Calcite Orange

Christmas Cookie

Fairy Name: Herbert Rudolph

Description: Bald with a mustache and bushy beard the color of twilight snow. He has bright baby blue eyes. 

Wings: His wings are emerald with gold sparkles.

Dress: Red utility quilt and carries an axe.

Hobbies: His hobby is collecting Yulelog.

Pet: Yeti namesd Johan

Crystal: Snowflake Obsidian

Mystical Dragon

Fairy Name: Miss Mystic Aragon

Description: White hair with a braid on one side, and brown eyes

Wings: Iridescent white with silver trim.

Dress: Long cream gown with gold trim and gold buttons

Hobbies: Climbing trees and collecting fairy dust 

Pet: Chameleon named Shapeshifter

Crystal: Aura Champagne

Woodland Moss

Fairy Name: Woody Woodland

Description: Brown pontytail tied and is clean shaven. Hazel Eyes.

Wings: Green wings and brown trim. 

Dress: With a brown tunic that resembles tree bark.

Hobbies: Chasing butterflies and fishing for tadpoles with an invisible, magical net where it is easy to catch 

Pet: Goldfish named Big Eyes

Crystal: Jasper Red

The Om House

Fairy Name: Enchanting Melody

Description: Yellow Highlights and lowlights with hazel yellow flecks eyes. 

Wings: Lime green shimmering wings.

Dress: Sunshine yellow long dress 

Hobbies: Singing, chanting and playing the crystal harp

Pet: Yellow Canary named Chipper

Crystal: Selenite

The Woodpecker 

Fairy Name: Samuel Huck 

Description: Chestnut brown hair, blue eyes 

Wings: Green and yellow

Dress: Overalls and plaid flannel shirt, rolled pants, barefoot

Hobbies: Making mud pies and mud puddles; catching lightning bugs and placing them in a lantern he uses for fishing at night

Pet: Cricket named Jim short for Jimminy

Crystal: Petrified Wood

Mermaid Shell

Fairy Name: Sweet Ariel

Description: Long Bright Red hair and green eyes

Wings: Ocean blue and silver

Dress: Shiny navy blue with green trim

Hobbies: She loves hanging out at the beach, swimming and building sandcastles.

Pet: Baby seahorse named Charmed

Crystal: Aura Aqua

Woodland Whispers

Fairy Name: Ms. Lacey

Description: Silver long hair in a braid with bright blue eyes.

Wings: Silver and white wings

Dress: Ruby red dress with silver stars

Hobbies: She loves baking and gardening. She leads the faires in planting and gardening for the village.

Pet: Caterpillar named Slinky

Crystal: Honey Calcite

Meadow Flower

Fairy Name: Magical Whispers

Description: She has blonde short hair with hazel eyes. 

Wings: Her wings are deep purple with silver sparkles

Dress: Lavender Dress with white lace and ribbon

Hobbies: She crochets hats and making quilts. She loves bathing in the moonlight in the meadow

Pet: Dwarf Unicorn Charlie


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