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Vialet's Classes

Vialet's classes are amazing! She was a college professor building curriculum and delivering courses in business, human resources, customer services, marketing and strategy in undergraduate and graduate level courses for over ten years. She also designed and delivered training programs in start-ups and fast-growing organizations as a senior human resources professional for twenty years. 

Today, she is able to design and deliver spiritual programs and courses in a professional and impactive approach. Vialet writes professionally published books for her classes and programs. She researches and brings together information from multiple sources, so that you receive the information in a concise and organized way. 

Vialet has written thirty-five books for her classes in the last two years. She always shares with her classes that many of her students tend to take all of her classes and she teaches lots and lots of classes. 

Vialet's Mystery School Programs

These programs provide the high ancient teachings of magic, sacredness and the universe. When you are ready to do the work to transform your life, you will be led to these programs. The Mystery School offerings are an investment of your time, an investment of your money and an elevation of your soul. It will require your commitment of stepping into the Light of the Divine. 

Sacred Priesthood is a pre-requisite for all of the other programs. 

Sacred Priesthood

Sacredness, Beauty & Service

13 classes 


Divine (Fire)

Sacred Alchemy

Alchemy, Ascension & Transformation

8 classes


Body (Earth)

Warriors of Light

Protection, Introspection & Healing

7 classes


Heart (Water)

Vialet's Certification Programs

These programs offer the students a certification. Each of these offer a series of classes and programs for the students. The classes include a textbook, exercises and hands on experience. 

Angelic Reiki Level 1

Ascension & Connection


Repeat class: $44

Angelic Reiki Level 3



Repeat class: $44

Metatron Method

Crystal Healings & Angel Readings


Repeat class: $44

Soul Midwifery

Death & Dying


Repeat class $44

Akashic Level 1

Divine Guidance


Repeat class: $44

Akashic Level 2

Healing & Clearing


Repeat class: $44

Akashic Level 3

Divine Blueprint


Repeat class: $44

Crystal Series

Connections & Exploration

$40 (12 classes)

Repeat Class $22

Vialet's Programs

Vialet teaches and facilitates a variety of programs. These monthly programs provide an opportunity for you to learn, experience and connect with other like-minded individuals. 

Evening with Spirit

Channeled Messages 


Moon Ceremony

Rituals & Ceremony


Sacred Sound

Sound Healing 


Vialet's Playshops

As you become adults, you take on this belief that you need to be grown up and that you do not have time for fun!!!! The truth is that fun, play, laughter, dance, singing are healing and they allow us to connect to our creativity, so we can manifest our desires and dreams. These programs are designed to reconnect you to your inner child and to allow you to play and have fun. Check out Vialet's Playshops. 

Fairy Playshop

Childlike Play & Healing


Candles of Intention

Make 4 candles


Psychic Tea Party

Tea & Readings


Sacred Candles

Yearly Intentions (Oct & Nov)

12 Candles $299

Holiday Bath Salts

Great Gifts & Fun


Holiday Fairy Playshop

Childlike Play & Healing


Vialet's Virtual Programs

These programs provide you flexibility. You can take them on your schedule and at your pace. These virtual programs include audio recordings, videos, exercises, downloads and a Certificate of Completion at the end of the program. You can check out all the Virtual and Online programs offered at DYSG at: 

Akashic Records

Level 1


Akashic Records

Level 2


Journey of the Fool

Learn the Tarot


Crystal Alchemy

12 Program Series

$44 each

Sacred Space

Setting, Blessing & Protection


Life As An Empath

Tools for the Sensitive


Seven Sacred Keys

Sacredness in Your Life


Connect Angels

Work with the Angels


Develop Your Gifts

5 Program Series

$22 each


AKASHIC RECORDS LEVEL 1: "Loved your class! Your workwork was exteremly helpful and detailed. Vialet has an indepth understanding of the Records, high level of integrity and amazing eye for detail in addition to a wonderful personality. I highly recommend this class." Carol 2017

AKASHIC RECORDS LEVEL 1: "Akashic Records Level 1 is an amazing class!  It taught me how to access information from the Divine Consciousness and helped make my spiritual journey much stronger and more enriching!  I am forever grateful to have had Vialet as my teacher for Akashic Records Level 1!  Vialet is an experienced teacher who provides excellent educational materials, gives interesting lectures that are captivating and promote interaction, and is easily accessible for guidance and direction.  I look forward to taking more classes with Vialet!’ Vialet, I am so grateful for you and everything you have taught me so far!  Thank you from the bottom of my heart! Cindy 2021

AKASHIC GALLERY: "Akashic Gallery Reading with Vialet and Jason is a magnificent, life-changing experience. If you have the opportunity, attend this deeply profound and healing event.” - Katrina 2019

ANGELIC REIKI: "This class was a defining experience for me. I learned and practiced Angelic Reiki as a meditative spiritual discipline that connected me to guidance and protection for the healing of myself and others. Each session was a life-giving journey as Vialet patiently provided me with the theoretical knowledge and practical skills to start practicing Angelic Reiki on my own. This course was my first experience learning energy healing and it exceeded all my expectations. I would not hesitate to recommend this class because of the quality of teaching and the environment I enjoyed in each session. Vialet generously creates a safe, sacred and relaxed space where students of all levels are welcome to learn and explore their gifts with acceptance, care and support. Having attend and led dozens of workshops for inner-work, this was the first where I left with more energy than when I started." - Matt 2019

ANGELIC REIKI: "The first time I took Angelic Reiki with Vialet I was blown away by the attention to detail and consideration for the students and different learning styles. Each student gets a workbook that provides not only the basic information on angelic reiki, but additional information that deepens your experience. This is the second time I have taken this class, and it was just as profound as the first time. Foundational concepts were reinforced and I was introduced to new ways to use Angelic Reiki as additional layers of understanding became available to me. I am profoundly grateful to Vialet." - Janice 2017

ANGELIC REIKI: "I highly recommend Angelic Reiki. Ive been a Reiki Master over 10 years and what I loved about Angelic Reiki is it takes all different spiritual tools, practices and modalities that many of us have learned, and puts all if it together nicely and in a way that you can work with as a practitioner to meet the different  needs that your clients have. Additionally for me, what was even another great unexpected benefit was it deepnesd with my own healing modality with shifts and blocks I released." - Cyndi 2018

ANGELIC REIKI: “I first came to Colorado from Oregon for Angelic Reiki 1 & 2 back in August of 2020. All I knew about Discover Your Spiritual Gifts was what I gathered from their website, which had me pretty hopeful and eager for the class. With Covid restrictions I couldn't find a class closer to my home state and I didn't want to put off the class that was calling me until things turned around. I am so glad now that there weren't other options because the class, it's instructor and the owner of DYSG was everything I was hoping for and more. As soon as I reached out and inquired about the class, Vialet was quick to respond and offer hotel options, a ride to and from the airport from her, and advice on how to prepare for the stay. Once in Colorado, I was meet by Vialet at the airport and I never rented a car my entire stay. She picked me up and dropped me off daily for class. Vialet and her husband, Tom, had me to their home for dinner and one evening even drove me around to explore other similar stores as DYSG in the area. I came away from that trip feeling like I had definitely made new friends. The class content and resources were top notch. Six months later it was time to scratch the itch and go back for Angelic Reiki 3 & 4. This time I brought friends. Again we were picked up at the airport. When we checked into our hotel, Vialet had left a welcome bag and flowers for each of us at the front desk. Daily we were picked up and taken to our class, no need for a car rental. Vialet has such an open heart and welcomes you in like you are visiting family. Because of these two visits and all the hours I spent with her in class, hanging around the center before and after class, and time playing around town, I can say that Vialet is real and authentic. She treats everyone she comes in contact with with joy, love and respect. I would recommend the DYSG center and Vialet to anyone serious about their spiritual journey. I am so glad I was forced to go that far the first time to get my training and I have no doubt that I will be back for other offerings in the future.” Karey (Corvallis, OR) 2021

SACRED PRIESTHOOD: "This class has shifted my life in so many positive ways and I have only completed 4 of the 13 classes!! Incorporating what I learn into my daily rituals has been easy and seeing how it changes me and those around me for the better has been amazing! I can’t wait to see how many doors open with new opportunities as more classes are completed. Not only do you gain a new way of looking at life but you gain friendships that can last a life time! I highly recommend this course." Christina #Love 2019

SACRED PRIESTHOOD: "Sacred Priesthood will forever change your life in unimaginable ways.  It will open your eyes to the Mystical, the Sacred, the Beauty, the Love and more. Sacred Priesthood is like a Spiritual Home Economics class that gives you tools to bring the Sacred into your life by teaching you daily rituals, how to make intentional bath salts, tinctures, rose water, and sacred rosaries.  It fills you and it fuels you and I wish this Path had been part of my early educational experience as this information would have added so much to my life.  By walking this Path, I am finding peace, serenity and a sense of calm I have never known before.  I finally feel like I'm home! This is a Path, not a class, you walk with likeminded soul brothers and sisters who become your family and support you in every way, thanks to Vialet, who creates beauty, magick, wonderment and joy every step along the way.  She is a generous, kind soul with a limitless reservoir of love she unconditionally gives to everyone she meets. Take this class just to be in Vialet's presence, you will be amazed and you will become a better person for it! !  God bless you on your journey and I hope Sacred Priesthood is part of it." Tracy #Mysteries 2020

SACRED CANDLES OF INTENTION: "The first class I took at Discovery your Spiritual gifts was Intentional Candles. I was extremely excited about this class as I am always burning candles while in sacred space in my home as well as my office and living room. I loved the idea of making them a greater part of my routine and adding more meaning to the candle was a welcoming experience for me. I loved this class so much I came back the next weekend to make another set for my business as well as brought my 2 teenage sons with me to make a set for them as well. They love it and enjoy spending time with their candles as well." Shannon 2019

TRAVEL: "My spiritual journey in Colorado was nothing like I thought it would be. When I first began to travel from Saint Louis Missouri to Denver for Angelic Reiki back in 2018 I found part of my family there. Vialet was such an inspiration, and her teachings really hit home for me. We didn't have anything like this in Missouri. After spending 2 months, and 6 classes with Vialet, I was really being pulled to do Sacred Priesthood. As a young mom with a family, I knew this would be difficult.. Thirteen month journey, would require lodging and plane tickets every month on top of the cost for class. As my husband and I sat and talked with Tom and Vialet, Tom leaned over and asked when I was coming back for Sacred Priesthood. My husband and I laughed and said we had to figure things out financially. Tom then turns and looks my husband dead in the eyes and says what if she stayed with us? We have the extra room and space, I could pick her up/drop her off from the Airport, and she could stay with us! Would that help make this decision easier? Needless to say, Tom and Vialet's, hospitality goes above and beyond what I could have ever imagined! They never made me feel like I overstayed my welcome, and really made me feel like I was home. Tom loves to cook you meals, and they both make sure you have everything you need, and more. I was able to support my sisters in setting up the temple, and even was able to help around the shop :) My Colorado family grew more and more.  Since Angelic Reiki, I have completed Sacred Priesthood, and Warriors of Light. As my growth and journey makes monthly travels more difficult, Vialet and Tom (and the rest of the family) still stay in touch, and we are even making family vacation plans to come out and visit! These amazing people are not only loving and kind, but they truly do bring you in like family. I wish you the best on your spiritual journey and hope you have just as an amazing time with the Rayne's as my family and I did." Much love, Tiff <3 (Missouri) 2021

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